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Payment Options

Payment Options Accepted: MasterCard, Visa

Other Forms of Payment: Online Gift Certificates

We Do Not Accept: Checks, Money Orders, COD's, Layaway Plans


Sales Tax

We are required to charge applicable sales tax on orders based on the address the package is shipped to.

We do not charge sales tax on the purchase of Gift Certificates. However, items paid for with Gift Certificates will be taxed based on the same method mentioned above.


Discounts and Gift Certificate Codes

Steps for redeeming a Promotion or Discount Code or Gift Certificate:

On the Payment page in Checkout, enter the code exactly as it appears, in the box next to "Gift Certificates and Discount Codes."

Codes are NOT case sensitive.

Continue with the Checkout Process. Adjustments will apply when you review your order.

If your discount qualifies, it will be displayed in the payment summary. Only one Promotional Discount code per order will be accepted.

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